Why Invest in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate Property Investment Opportunities

property investment opportunitiesCosta Rica, the tiny country between the Pacific and the Caribbean, offers something for everyone: Whether you want to live in Costa Rica all year round, or just spend the winter here, have an adventure or simply get away from the daily grind. Many celebrities live in Costa Rica.If you bring enough reserves with you, it is possible to live a very comfortable life in Costa Rica, this small country is really quite safe. Costa Rica got rid of its army in 1948. Since then, the “Switzerland of Central America”, as Costa Rica is also known, has been a completely military-free area. Costa Rican law recognizes that owning real estate and properties is an absolute right, and does not treat local and foreign citizens differently. And the country is also very investor-friendly. Various studies (Nasa, National Geographic…) have also shown that it has the best climate of anywhere in the world.
The tiny country that is no larger than Lower Saxony boasts 12 different micro-climatic zones and enough flora and fauna to put an entire continent to shame. Costa Rica covers about 0.5% of the earth’s surface, but is home to almost 5% of the planet’s animal and plant species: 380 varieties of amphibians and reptiles and 130 species of fresh water fish, 12,000 known plant species, approx. 1900 species of butterfly (more than in the whole of Africa), 220 species of mammals, 390 different reptiles and amphibians, 860 bird species, more than in America and Canada together.

costa rica real estate investment opportunities

Costa Rica – Rich Coast, there is much to say about the treasures of this exotic jewel in Central America. A big variety in land, climate, flora and fauna was found by the first explorers, which remains the number one attraction centuries after. That is the main reason why every year more and more explore Costa Rica for real estate investment, retiring, relocating and real estate property purchase opportunities. Costa Rica Real Estate has been growing over the last decades due to its broad variety; this makes it attractive and suitable to the desires and expectations of each customer.Amazing landscapes of majestic mountains, turquoise clear waters, white sparkling beaches, olive green lakes and carpet green forests are just a glimpse of beauty you are able to experience if you invest in Real Estate properties in Costa Rica.Costa Rica has always been related to nature, ecology, tropical fruits, extinct animals, perfect climate, colorful landscapes and exotic flowers; peaceful and friendly people. This perfect combination has moved many to choose Costa Rica as their destination and make it their new home!

Real Estate Costa Rica agent in Costa Rica with over 15 years of experience is your number one agent in finding your dream property. Our team is a group of professionals who are willing to assist you in English, German and Spanish. Our goal is to provide you with personalized customer service, guiding you through each step in acquiring the best deal and the property you have always dreamt of! Our real estate land listings extends from beautiful coastal properties, from the North Pacific to the South Pacific, in the warm and sweat Caribbean, the modern Central Valley, the highlands covered with coffee plantations from East to West and North to South.Feel free to browse through our assorted listing in properties, lands, condos, lofts, farms, rentals and houses – in the Central Valley or the Coast-. Explore our beach properties in the stunning coastal areas. Real Estate beach properties and lands have been the hit in the last years due to the services and accessibility offered in those areas.Costa Rica already counts with 10 airports, between the Pacific and Caribbean shore, for domestic flights connecting in a rush – 45-60 minutes- to San José, the capital. New highways have been built towards the Central and South Pacific Coast, which has facilitated transportation and living. A variety of Supermarkets, Banks, Medical facilities, Schools and other services are present in most of the coastal communities.

costa rica property investment opportunitiesJust imagine your piece of Paradise: a spectacular view to the ocean, the eternal singing of exotic birds, a warm and sweet breeze, a fresh stream from a clear river running down the mountains and your peace of mind! Costa Rica Real Estate can make your dream come true and change the challenge of looking for the perfect property into a delight! Real Estate in the Costa Rican Central Valley is very diverse, concentrated specially in San José, Heredia, Santa Ana, Escazú and Alajuela. We have a vast collection of real estate rentals, such as condos, lofts, apartments and houses.Costa Rica has a list of lofts and apartments in Escazú and Santa Ana, they have won popularity due to their comfort, chique style, elegance and impressive views to the Central Valley. They also have quick access to main highways, Malls, Restaurants, Cafés, Banks and medical facilities.What makes Costa Rica safe and affordable for real estate investment? First of all Costa Rica has one of the highest living standards in Latin America. Second, considering the housing, services, goods, transportation, utilities and gasoline cost, in San José, is estimated among the lowest in the world! Real Estate prizes in Costa Rica can seem a small fortune. The main reason for this is Costa Rica´s world wide high ranking for foreign investors and pensioners. However this does not affect the cost-of-living- which depends merely on your own lifestyle. As mentioned before, Costa Rica is generally less expensive as an equivalent lifestyle in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Costa Rica carries out a strict register of properties and lands, as fulfilled in the US. The Costa Rican National Registry is the central location for property records in the country. It is the authority on who owns a property, only valid documents are accepted and registered. This is one more reason that makes Costa Rica Real Estate a secure investment place! If you are looking for a secure, beautiful and peaceful destination to retire, relocate or invest – Costa Rica- is your choice. Costa Rica Eye is your real estate agent committed in finding what ever you need! We invite you to scroll through our listings, contact us and make us part of your plans.